Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fast Track ER - Owensboro, KY

Emergency Med group with 30 yr contract history seeking additional PA for 70K department with dedicated fast track utilizing double PA coverage. Starting salary $45/hr for 14-12 hr shifts plus health, dental, malpractice, pension, cme and vacation. Optional 401 K. Minimum experience 1 year post-graduate work experience in EM or FP.

PAs are fully supported by double/triple physician coverage based on the time of day. The fast track runs from 9 AM to midnight and is double covered by PAs from noon to nine.

Owensboro, KY is a small city, with a single hospital with a low cost of living further amplifying the benefits of a generous employment package. Hosing is inexpensive and the community is an excellent location for families.

Send CVs to: thetroosts@hotmail.com
Neil Troost MD

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